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Hi there and welcome to YOU, a smart choice when you or someone you know may be vulnerable in some way. YOU provides flexible care, support and advice services centred around your needs. We’re passionate about the rights of vulnerable people and making sure you have the life you want. Our clients tell us we ‘give them the help they need
to realise their dreams of independence, security, stability, happiness and
freedom’. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for either here or at our
Advice Portsmouth site.
Please contact us, we’re only a call or
email away.

Person Centred

We didn’t become ‘YOU’ for nothing! Let’s be honest, as people, we’re all different. So, we start by putting you first. We listen, plan, support, work and face the hard times with you. We aim with you, for your goals.

We’ll go the extra mile for you. We don’t expect you to fit in with us,
we’ll fit in with you. After all, it’s the life you want that we are
talking about.


YOU expect the best and so you should. After all, is the life you want surely not the one you deserve? Our promise to you is summed up in one word: ‘exceptional’. We will not rest if we are not the very best. Not good enough for you, is not good enough for YOU. So, if we get it right for you we’d
love you to tell us, if you can spare a moment. If we fall short, all we
ask is that you either tell one of our staff or contact us. We’d
love to hear from you.


We all know what it’s like to be let down by someone else so why should you trust us? Well, your trust in us is at the very heart of what we promise you.

If we’re privileged to work with you, then we’ll make it our business to
show you we mean what we say. The life you want is what YOU
want too. No excuses!


Give us a challenge and we love it! Ask us to do something a little different or maybe a bit tricky and we’ll swing in to action. Hitting a brick wall is no reason to stop YOU. Saying ‘No’ offends us as much it disappoints you.

We make it our business to go the extra mile because we can
make the difference between success and failure for YOU!


Old habits die hard. Old answers to new problems may not work. Maybe others have told you there is no way out. Getting stuck in a rut is no place to be. At YOU, we’re good at taking a fresh look.

We believe there are always answers – it’s not a question of if we
can do it, it’s how we can do it. Talk to us. We’ll go the extra
mile to see what we can do for you.

A day at the beach You is Person-Centred A day in the forest You values Excellence People happily drumming away You values Trustworthiness People cooking together You values a Can-Do attitude Happy Mother You values Innovation